Our Mission

Our mission at Lewis Manor is to provide a safe and comfortable place to help our elderly community age with dignity and grace; to maintain as much independence and a full lifestyle for as long as possible.


We Love Our Home

At Lewis Manor we provide daily activities such as Bingo and Rook; for all our residents to encourage socialization and friendships.  We also offer several exercise classes and walking adventures for our residents to keep them moving!  With spacious hallways, cozy living areas, and welcoming dining rooms, you will always find yourself wanting to stay just a little longer…

Assisted Living

2901 Bowling Green Rd.
Franklin KY 42134

Admissions: (270) 813-5485

Phone: ( 270 ) 776 – 9961


2925 Bowling Green Rd.
Franklin KY 42134

Phone: ( 270 ) 586 – 3461


    • Assisted Living is certified through the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living


Lewis Manor is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Residents are accepted from all religious faiths on a non-sectarian basis.

Individuals are treated equitably with dignity and appreciation for their differences.