23 BEDS – 14 ROOMS

Lewis Manor – Personal Care Home

Personal Care is affectionately known to us as the step between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.  This is a service that we find many people don’t even know exists.  At the Personal Care level, a resident still has to be able to independently get around even with the assistance of a walker or wheelchair.  However, all medications are kept in a locked medication cart and administered to residents per their Physician’s orders with assistance from staff with taking those medications.  We also provide all the services as the Assisted Living such as laundry, housekeeping, 24 hour staffing, and meal services.

    Requirements for admission to Lewis Manor Personal Care Home:

    • An order to admit to Lewis Personal Care Facility from a physician.
    • Current History & Physical performed in the last 14 days prior to admission
    • Discharge summary from current facility if applicable
    • At least 18 years of age or older
    • Ambulatory or mobile non-ambulatory (Able to transfer self.)
    • Ability to participate in social activities
    • TB skin test (2-step and screen within the last 3 months) or TB lab test
    • Flu shot last administered ________________
    • Pneumonia shot last administered ________________
    • A current medication list signed by the physician
    • Diet orders 
    • Insurance card
    • Identification card
    • A copy of any Advance Directives or POA
    • Signed Personal Care Agreement
    • Negative COVID-19 test

    This information is needed 48 hours prior to admission unless the patient is coming directly from the hospital. You can fax clinical information for review to 270- 586-8915. All records are reviewed prior to admission to determine appropriateness for personal care placement. 

    Lewis Manor Personal Care Home is Franklin’s best option for more intensive care. This beautiful manor has a rich history of helping those in need, which continues to this day. Please contact Christy Link on our contact page to find our more about Lewis Manor’s Personal Care Home.

    Please let us know if you need any additional information and thank you for considering Lewis Manor for you senior housing needs.

    Lewis Living

    If you are ready to talk to someone about joining our community, call us at 270-776-9961 or contact us online via the link below

    Personal Care Home

    2905 Bowling Green Rd.
    Franklin KY 42134

    Phone: ( 270 ) 586 – 3461

    Assisted Living

    2901 Bowling Green Rd.
    Franklin KY 42134

    Phone: ( 270 ) 776 – 9961


    2925 Bowling Green Rd.
    Franklin KY 42134

    Phone: ( 270 ) 586 – 3461


      • Personal Care is licensed through the State of Kentucky

      • Assisted Living is certified through the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living


    Lewis Manor is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Residents are accepted from all religious faiths on a non-sectarian basis.

    Individuals are treated equitably with dignity and appreciation for their differences.